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Nowa Labs provides comprehensive online, offline courses for Blockchain.
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Learn from the Industry Leaders and veterans. Our Trainers are Experts and Thought Leaders in Blockchain and Decentralized Ledger Technologies.


Interact with Blockchain experts and fellow students. Work on group projects; learn from peers and experts.


Learning should be relevant and practical, not just passive and theoretical.
Our courses are practical and hands-on.

About us

Nowa Labs is a Blockchain Research & Training organisation, headquartered in Singapore and a Research lab located in Hyderabad, India. Nowa Labs founders are Technology experts with expertise in Blockchain, Cloud, Data and Infrastructure.

With the rise in demand for Blockchain and DLT engineers, there exists a huge gap between demand and supply. Nowa Labs aims to bridge the gap by providing skill development courses in the above mentioned technologies online and offline.

We believe in Learning by Doing. Our courses are more hands-on, thus more effective.

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Our Partners



We are transforming health record management by using blockchain to digitally store
medical records on a distributed ledger. Our cutting-edge blockchain technology provides
complete transparency and security, enabling patients as well as medical practitioners,
researchers, labs, healthcare government organizations and insurance providers
to access medical records and record transactions securely in one place

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vital records management
Vital Records Management

Vital records such Birth Certificates, National IDs can be issued securely by Governments and can be verified by concerned authorities. With VRM we seek to reduce (and eventually eliminate) Identity Theft, Identity Fraud, establish better Public Distribution system in partnership with government agencies.

Vital Records Management is a project being developed in association with GBA Bangalore chapter.

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smartportfolio dashboard

Smartportfolio is an One-Stop Crypto Trading and Wealth Management App. Smartportfolio makes it easy and convenient to track, trade and secure your portfolio.

Smartportfolio can track your wallet for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BTX, CrypticCoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, Ethereum Classic and many other cryptocurrencies.

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